Our Name

Malachite butterflies have large brilliant green wings with black trim named after the similarly colored mineral. Malachite butterflies symbolize powerful transformation, good fortune and future prosperity for those who innovate and change.

Our Mission

Combine thought leadership, innovative ideas and public capital in a socially-conscious enterprise to improve the health and wellness of people and our planet while generating strong financial returns for our shareholders.

Our Beliefs

We believe the health and wellness of people and our planet is intrinsically connected in the same way the soul is connected to the body. Chronic health issues, natural resource depletion, environmental pollution, and climate change are creating an untenable environment for future generations. We believe developing innovative solutions to address these challenges and redirect the trajectory of our people-planet ecosystem toward a more enriching and sustainable path for future generations is a categorical imperative.

Our Strategy
Graphium Biosciences

To improve the lives of patients, our team intends to advance the research and development of our broad portfolio of over 100 novel glycosylated-cannabinoid compounds created using our proprietary enzymatic bioprocessing technologies. Initially, we are focusing our research efforts to develop safe and effective novel treatments for inflammatory bowel disease, including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, which are chronic and debilitating conditions affecting the gastrointestinal tract. Specifically, we are seeking to advance through preclinical studies our leading prodrug candidate, VBX-100, a glycosylated-cannabinoid granted Orphan Drug Designation by the FDA for the treatment of pediatric ulcerative colitis.

Daedalus Ecosciences

To improve our planet, our team intends to identify, invest in, and reposition challenging environmental situations to maximize the good we can do. We have unique expertise assessing special situation investments and developing value creation plans that look at old problems in new ways, with a particular focus on technological innovations and eco-friendly solutions deployed in economically challenged communities. By targeting difficult environmental situations with attractive risk-return profiles, our team can pursue select special situation opportunities that maximize shareholder returns and magnify the good we can do for the environment and local communities.

Our Scoreboard

We measure success by the amount of good we do for people and our planet. We are successful if we develop novel therapeutics to treat chronic disorders and debilitating conditions affecting a large number of people. We are successful if we reduce pollution and the harmful effects of climate change. We are successful if we reimagine local communities dependent on declining industries into high-growth next generation green communities. And finally, we are successful if we build long-term sustainable shareholder value and reward our investors with strong financial returns. In short, we are successful if we do well by doing good.